Elevating an Industry and its People

Since he was about 13, Steve Palmer’s life has been in restaurants. Like too many others in his industry, Steve struggled with addiction. In his book, Steve shares how he got sober, how others might find their way to sobriety, and why he still loves the restaurant community.

Steve Palmer

Trimming the Excess from Restaurants

Steve Palmer is the founder of The Indigo Road, a restaurant group responsible for some of the most celebrated dining in the country. His journey to sobriety inspired him to combat the elevated rates of addiction within the industry he loves.

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Say Grace

How the Restaurant Business Saved My Life

Say Grace is an unflinching look at the modern restaurant industry. Through his deeply personal stories, Steve Palmer paints a picture that will be familiar to anyone who has worked in the food and beverage industry. His dissection of how he arrived at his addiction, and how he found his way out, is a beacon to the struggling.

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Ben's Friends

All proceeds of Say Grace book sales go to Ben’s Friends.

Now is not the time to be quiet. It’s time to speak openly about what is happening in our industry and how we can all help.

A TEDx speaker, Steve Palmer is talking to audiences across the country about addiction in the food and beverage industry. His keynotes focus on how we got where we are today and the best paths forward.

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