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  • We’re all on a journey of self-discovery. Some know exactly what they want to do and who they want to be from an early age. Others spend their whole lives seeking an answer to the “what” and “who” of it all. More still get forced off the path of certainty and must cope with an unknown they never planned for. The search for purpose—a calling—is universal. It’s something that unites us, yet, when we notice each other struggling in search of our calling, or notice our lives becoming directionless, we rarely take action, rarely intervene, and rarely help each other get back on track. It can be an isolating experience that if left untended can have dire consequences. We all need purpose in life. That’s the goal of this assessment: to help any individual searching for their calling find direction in their life and provide a meaningful resource to anyone who feels like life has no purpose. Let’s get started!

About Steve

Steve Palmer is the founder of The Indigo Road, a restaurant group responsible for some of the most celebrated dining in the country. His journey to sobriety inspired him to combat the elevated rates of addiction within the industry he loves.

Steve Palmer