A Story Shared by Countless People in an Industry Worth Billions

This will be the only book I ever write. I am a restaurateur, not a professional writer, and I have only one story to tell—this one.

Say Grace

How the Restaurant Business Saved My Life

The restaurant business enabled Steve Palmer’s addictions—normalizing his drinking and drug use until he could not function. He wrecked his marriage, racked up DUIs, and managed restaurants worth millions of dollars.

In Say Grace, readers will learn how commonplace addiction is in the food and beverage industry, how far an individual can push the boundaries of excess, and how one man found his way to sobriety.

This is not a book shaming those who struggle with addiction, but rather a beacon for anyone who thinks there is no way out. Steve paints a warts-and-all portrait of his life. He does not balk at bringing up how he hurt people or the levels to which he sank because this is a book for people like him.

“My story is specific to me, but it is far from unique,” Steve explains. “The hospitality industry is full of people struggling with addiction and mental health issues—and they don’t know where to turn. They don’t know that help is out there. They don’t know that many of their coworkers are also struggling or already sober. It’s time to open up, speak out, and affect real change.”

Whether you are staring down your own demons, know someone who is, or want to learn more about how an industry can save those that it enables, take a look inside Say Grace.

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